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Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car

It is our job to care for our dogs.

Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, DVM

Dr. Becker’s passion for wellness medicine was the driving force behind the creation of Natural Pet Animal Hospital, which opened in the Chicago area in 1999. Since then, thousands of pets dealing with chronic degenerative diseases including allergies, cancer, organ failure, arthritis and auto immune diseases have benefitted from Dr. Becker’s unique approach to medicine. Her holistic approach to internal medicine and her passion for clinical pathology (tracking disease processes in the body), as well as an array of integrative diagnostics and innovative treatment protocols have earned her recognition as one of Chicago’s Top Vets (according to Chicago Magazine), and a special place in her client’s hearts.


Dr. Becker’s veterinary practice revolves around her belief that the foundation of good health and longevity is species appropriate nutrition. She attributes much of her clinic’s success to the fact that nutrition is addressed with every patient, at every exam.

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