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Please fill out the questionnaire if you want to be put on our list for available puppies from the next litter.    Feel free to e-mail me and find out when we have a litter due if you are looking for a puppy in a certain time frame.




In order to place our puppies in homes where they will be loved, by permanent family members we would like you to answer the following questions.


You may copy and paste this information into a word file and add your answers or do so by e-mail or even just give me a call to talk about purchasing a puppy. Once, I have received your information I will get back to you to see if you have any questions.  Approved families are then added to our waiting list, and you will pay your deposit at that time in order for us to hold your puppy.  So please fill this out if you are serious about adopting a Shiba.  If you are still researching other breeds you may e-mail or call for information.  We only have 4 spots that we fill each year. We generally, get 3-4 pups per litter, and so we only except 4 deposits.



1.Your name, address, e-mail and phone



2.Family members names and ages.________________________________


3.Do you own or rent your home? ____________


4.Do you currently own any other pets? __________


5.Have you owned a dog in the past? _________


6.What happened to it? ____________________________________________


7.Do you have a vet reference we may contact?_______________________


8.If yes, Vets name and phone #. _____________________________________


9.Why do you feel this breed is right for you family? (check all that

The size of the breed __________

The look of the breed __________

The personality of the breed.__________


10.Please explain your knowledge of the breed and desire about acquiring
a puppy. ____________________________________________________________





11.What is your primary purpose for the dog?

Pet ______

Companion for another dog ______

Show/breeding prospect ________


12.When are you looking to ad a pup to your home?______________


13.Are you willing to wait for a puppy from Northwest Shiba’s?__________


14.Do you have a color preference?  ____________________________

15.Are you looking for a male or female?________________________


16. What circumstances would cause you to return the puppy or be unhappy with your purchase?


Health & Medical issues__________

Behavioral issues, Please explain ( i.e. Shyness, aggressiveness,
biting, house training, destructiveness)



Explain how you plan to train to prevent behavioral issues. (I.e.
obedience classes, previous dog experience, hire a trainer



Any other information you would like to tell us:_____________________________________________





 Deposits and Payments:                                                                  Puppy Price:  $2250.00

1. A deposit of $500 will hold the puppy of your choice.   

2. By sending a deposit you realize that you are requesting the puppy of your choice be reserved until it is ready to travel to its new home. This makes the puppy unavailable to any other interested family.   

3. By sending a deposit you realize that you are committing to take on the responsibility of adopting a puppy and providing that puppy a lifetime of care.   

4. By sending a deposit you realize that it is a non-refundable deposit. This is not because we care more about your money than the puppy, it’s because we want to know that you are taking the responsibility of adopting a puppy seriously.

5. The deposit can be transferred to a different available puppy or litter, if we have a smaller litter than anticipated.

6. We ask that you have the puppy paid for by the 5th week of age unless we have made other arrangements.   

7. We ask that you be prepared to pick up your puppy no earlier than the 8th week of age. Early bonding is essential to puppy’s development, and we prefer the puppy to bond with you, not with us.    

8. For your convenience we accept Cashier's Checks and Money orders. We can arrange to accept PayPal. 

9. CONTACT US to place your deposit, email:   

10. The deposit is $500 and will be deducted from the final purchase price. Puppies are chosen in the order we receive the deposits.

11. Any pups left here after 10 weeks will be an additional $50 per week for boarding, grooming, training, shots etc. and are nonrefundable.


Money orders  (You can not choose a puppy or pick it up until your money order clears my bank)

Direct Bank Transfer (Full Payments Only)


Our Shiba Inu pups:


Shiba Inu Pet/Companion                                             $2250.00

All of our puppies go to their new home with the following:

1.    Registration & Pedigree Papers
2.    Health Record from our Vet, they are vaccinated at 6, 9,  & 12, weeks of
       age, and they are De-wormed every 7-10 days from the time they are 2-weeks-old.

3.    A Lifetime Health and Temperament Guarantee
4.    A puppy starter kit (Food, Puppy Owners Manual)
5.    A Puppy Information Packet (House Training, Puppy Proofing, Obedience Training etc.)
6.    My Contact info for Lifetime Support

7.    Puppy Owner's Checklist

8.    Each pup comes with there favorite chew toy.

9.    Puppies come with a Home Again microchip.

10.  Puppies come to you potty trained.



Available before you take your new puppy home!


What is it?  A tiny computer chip the size of a grain of rice implanted into the puppy
between the shoulder blades.


Does it move around?  No, once injected the microchip is anchored in place as a thin layer
of connective tissue forms around it.


How long will it last?  It is guaranteed for 25 years.


Need more information?  Visit


Without proper identification 90% of pets that are lost never return home. The Home Again
Pet Recovery System includes a national network of veterinarians, animal shelters, plus
Volunteer Pet Rescue Groups. Here at Northwest Shibas we are dedicated to the safety and
well being of your pet.














































































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Sabrina in her new knit frilly dress I made her. She pranced around like she thought she was the

"Queen of Shiba" Lol

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