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Our Northwest Shiba Customers

 We would like to take this moment to thank the adoptive loving families of our beautiful Shiba Babies for taking the time to send us their updates, thoughts, and pictures.  Feel free to contact any of the people below to talk with them regarding their experience with Northwest Shiba's

James and Chunk



Hope you’re well. Chunk is doing incredibly well. He gets a little feisty for one hour of the day but other than that fully potty trained (thank you) - sits at the door and yelps to get outside. Loves his crate. Eats well, poops well. All the toys he could ask for. He sits, comes, stands, speaks and gives “tens” on cue, and he is so much fun. Today he weighed in at 13 pounds. 

Oh, and his vet visit was completely positive. He checked out perfectly and got his next round of shots, which will continue until he’s 16 weeks. 

Have a great day! 



New updated photos of Chunk, who will be 1 year old in November.

Angela and Mario, with Brando

Angela & Mario bought Brando and they live in Michigan. Here are the photos they sent me of him in his new home.


We recently adopted Brandon (now called Brando) from Northwest Shibas/the Barnhills and the experience with them couldn't have been or continue to be better.  Brando arrived a happy, healthy, socialized, loving and pottytrained puppy.  It's clear that before he came to us, he was loved and cherished. The Barnhills clearly care about their puppies; it is obvious that it isn't just a business to them they want the puppies to find happy forever homes.  We have been in touch with Starla Barnhill on several occasions and she has been quick to respond to our questions and concerns and has been nothing but helpful which has made Brando's transition to his new home a smooth one for all of us. She is interested in continuing to know how Brando is doing (and we're happy to keep her updated!) which shows how much she cares.  We would highly recommend Northwest Shibas and the Barnhills to anyone interested in adopting a Shiba Inu. 

Angela and Mario (Brando's new Michigan parents)



New updated photos of Brando, who will be 1 year old in November.



Thank you Star!  They are our children. We love them so much! Brando is a joy. Yesterday, we took him to our local Renaissance Festival. It was pet weekend. There were Frisbee dog shows and agility shows - probably about 1000 dogs there. Brando was sooo well-behaved and everyone loved him! We’re so proud of him!  Here’s a pic  from yesterday  His bandana says “Surrender the Biscuits”. LOL  He is so beautiful and so spoiled!



Hi Star!

We had a wonderful 2-hour fiasco with Brando and Rocco (our cat) at Petco and Petsmart trying to get pics with Santa last weekend. We went to Petco first, thinking it would be less crowded, etc. WRONG. LOL They were taking the pics right in the middle of the store with much commotion and pet adoptions going on...bad idea. Brando Hated Santa and screamed and barked the whole time - so no pic. Lol

Then we went to Petsmart and they were wonderful.  Had the pics in the back in the quiet pet hotel with no real Santa - just digital backgrounds and Brando and Rocco were both good boys. Attached is the pic of all of us!  I only wish I had remembered to get their Santa hats and scarves out of the car for the pic but we were a little frazzled! LOL

I also attached a pic of proof of how spoiled Brando is. He wants to be with us all of the time. This is a pic of "daddy" feeding him out of his bowl with a spoon - yes, with a SPOON! LOL He likes to think he can eat like the rest of us. He's really something else! LOL


What are you and your family doing for the Christmas holiday?

Please keep us up on how Emma is doing and definitely let us know when the pups are born and send pics! :)  I'm sure we'll be in touch before then!




Angela and Mario

Our recent litter and their new homes!


Hey Starla,


Thought I'd drop you a line. Sabrina is doing really well, she's slept through the night since day one and hasn't had an accident inside either. She's great with the kiddos as long as she's not too reved up. Thanks for doing such a great job getting her so well socialized and ready for our family. Have a great day!


Ryan & Allison Fletcher


Sweet Sabrina


Sabrina's knit dress I made for her to go home in. She loved it.

Raynar's 1 Year Photos

Raynar was from our last litter, and he turned a year old last month. He lives in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho with his owners and their 2 children. He is certainly a stunning Shiba.

Jordan Lynn & his sweet Tucker!

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              Astro the Shiba Inu

Jesse Morgan & Andrew Mayzak

Starla I can't tell you enough how beautiful of a dog Astro is. Not just in appearance but in temperament too. He loves people, he loves animals, and what a personality! We love him soooo much and can't thank you enough for bringing him into our lives!

Astro is slowly becoming an Instagram sensation and you can check him out on his own Instagram page "astro_the_doge".

Jesse & Astro

Jesse, Astro, & Andrew

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