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5 Reasons Why Shiba Inu's are the World's Greatest Dog Breed


Great videos to watch below, but be careful you don't fall in love!



1. The Shiba Inu is an intelligent, independent breed. They are very happy to be part of a family, and they expect to be treated with lots of love and respect. If you want your Shiba to be disciplined and obedient, you must be a good owner as well. They expect treats, hugs and plenty of positive reinforcement. They do not care much for negative training or discipline. Some Shiba Inu dogs dismiss the whole Dog/Master relationship thing altogether and opt instead for a Dog/Human partnership instead.


2. They are very clean. Often even called cat-like by their owners  because they naturally like to keep themselves well groomed and clean.  It is because of this reason that they are very easy to house train.  They want their area clean.


3. Shibas are small compact dogs, and so are easy to transport and don't require much room or as much food as a larger dog. Don't let that fool you; these are strong, tough dogs that are extremely loyal, vigilant and fearless. Make sure you socialize your Shiba Inu  puppy early and often, as they tend to bond strongly to one or two people.  By socializing them, they will be calm and relaxed when meeting new people or other dogs. Shiba Inu dogs are extremely intelligent and can very easily distinguish between a friend coming over to talk to you and a predator (Human or animal) coming to do you harm.


4. They are strikingly beautiful dogs. They are the most popular breeds  in Japan, but not well known or seen here in North America. The Shiba Inu is fox-like in appearance, giving them slightly wild appearance; you would imagine they are quite familiar with the call of the wild. They also have a sweet and charming side, look at a litter of Shiba Inu puppies and you know you are looking at some future scoundrels. They are either red, red sesame or black & tan with patches of white. You would do yourself a favor to go over to I Love My Shiba, and look at the wonderful photos of Shiba Inu dogs found there.


5.  AShiba Inu can make you healthier. These puppies are a handful. So if you expect to just sit around the couch and eat potato chips, your Shiba will try to encourage you to take them out for a jog or hike by chewing up your favorite slipper, or doing flips in the kitchen. Trust me, take your buddy out for walks and make sure they get lots of exercise. They are energetic, agile, athletic dogs. They love to  run and catch Frisbees. You will both have a great time, and you may  lose those extra pounds you've been carrying around.


Shiba Puppies Rule!


 These puppies will bring so much love and joy into your life.  













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